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The Steps to Longevity

Chronic disease and deterioration of health don’t happen overnight. A combination of poor nutrition, exercise, and a recovery program ensures long-term health. Nutrition, training, and exercise

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Oxygen, the ultimate measure of longevity

Oxygen is the molecule of life. It’s involved in every reaction in our body necessary to sustain life and movement. It’s also the foundational element for long and high-quality life.

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Respiratory training: A neglected but significant training modality

Respiratory training is the deliberate modification of how we usually breathe throughout the day by implementing specific exercises and techniques to

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Tuning Your Diet to Be Healthier

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Susan Edwards

Wow Metabolic

Our Story

My name is Susan Edwards FMP, HHP. I am the owner of a thriving wellness center in Brea, Ca. For over 10 years I have worked with clients who have chronic pain, weight gain, low energy and inflammation. My clients were getting some pain relief and having short term recovery. However, I knew I could do more for them. I realized they need a more individualized ” Down to the Root” approach for Optimal Health. I have now added Functional Medicine Programs and Metabolic Testing with PNOE the GOLD Standard in Metabolic Testing . Since adding these programs my team and I are able to get to the Root of our clients issues. This has enabled them to have long term Pain Relief, Reduce Weight, recover their Energy and lower their Inflammation. It is Awesome to see our clients now living their lives with Joy and Vitality. 

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Meet The Team

Our Team

Connor Edwards

Metabolic Tester

Carly Jeffers

Metabolic Tester
what we do

Individual nutrition programs


chosen with love,

care and creativity.

Peter Bowman

Nutrition Expert

what we do

Individual nutrition programs and, ideal recipes, chosen with love, care and creativity.

Peter Bowman

Nutrition Expert